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Our Neighborhood Farm Share is a weekly subscription that includes local produce, and chef-created and farmer-tested recipes for quick and easy meal prep. You can also add on grass-fed beef and pork, pastured chicken, eggs, gluten-free fresh bread.  This year, we’ve added neighborhood drop sites to address COVID-19 concerns and to keep our community safe. 

What is The Kansas City Food Hub? 

The Kansas City Food Hub is a farmer-owned, farmer-run cooperative of seventeen small and mid-sized, family and non-profit farms located within 100 miles of metro KC. We aggregate our produce and protein to meet the demand of restaurants, schools, corporate cafeterias and grocery stores. In business together for six years, we are always expanding. 

When you purchase our product, you are purchasing directly from the farmer. Learn more about our farmers.

When you purchase our product, even through from multiple farms, you'll get one delivery and one invoice, product will be clean and uniform, and packed in industry-standard boxes. You will not notice a difference- other than quality and freshness- from ordering from a broadline distributor.